Radiovisor Limited Recently Sold !!

Radiovisor Limited Recently Sold by Turner Butler.

Turner Butler would like to announce the sale of Lazer Systems to GJD Manufacturing Limited. GJD is an award winning UK manufacturer, designer and supplier of professional external detector equipment, as well as Infra-Red and White-Light LED Illuminators.

Radiovisor Limited t/a Lazer Systems originates from a company established almost eighty years ago and renowned as being innovators of the Active Infrad-Red beam. They are a leading designer and manufacturer of Infra-Red perimeter security products.

Lazer Systems also developed an Infra red beam set specifically for use in hazardous environments that enhances its range of products that are certified to the appropriate standards including that of the new ATEX requirements. This range comprises active Infra-red beams (ATEX certified), passive Infra-red detectors, magnetic door contacts/interface units, and CCTV camera housings and are suitable for use on off-shore oil platforms, petrochemical sites, explosive material storage and other potentially explosive environments.

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Turner Butler would like to announce the sale of Lazer Systems(Radiovisor Limited) to GJD Manufacturing Limited.