Ecole de Pole – Dance Fitness Club in Camden Recently Sold by Turner Butler

Congratulations to Justine McLucas who has completed the sale of her Dance Fitness Club in Camden, North London. Justine lives in Oz and so this was a tricky deal to manage but with a committed buyer and a lot of patience, Turner Butler finally manage to seal the deal.

Our Client Justin Said – “Thank you – yes all completed!

It’s been a busy day at the lawyers office and then signing over the bank account mandates and other accounts and things – but Jeremy has done his first pole class tonight and I am packed and ready to leave the UK permanently tomorrow morning! 

Thanks again for assisting and getting us in touch it definitely worked out for the best with Jeremy!”

Kind Regards

Justine McLucas

Ecole de Pole

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Dance Fitness Club in Camden Recently Sold by Turner Butler